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Hey Everyone.


Unfortunately, we have some bad news, due to a number of reasons that we will state below, Washed Out Festival will no longer be going ahead in 2022. We are completely broken by this, this is not a decision we have taken lightly and it has been after weeks of talks on how we could do this differently. We have had to cancel Washed Out Fest because of this pandemic twice before but this one, by far, hurts the most! 


The reasons for the postponement are -


  • Covid has created new challenges, artists have been dropping from bills at other festivals, which is a huge concern as we are not yet established enough as a festival to book larger bands last minute. We believe this runs the risk of the festival losing value for ticket holders.

  • Covid has been rising across the country which would exclude any high-risk performers or audience members from attending. We want everyone to feel safe at our events.

  • The cost of living crisis has left customers with less disposable income which has affected ticket sales across the whole industry. We are all in the same boat and are aware that weekends away might not be a priority right now.

  • Our plan of getting international headliners has been ravaged by COVID, fuel prices, and a lack of confidence in the current economic climate. 

  • We want to give touring and international bands enough of a heads up in order to rebook or cancel travel plans and not BS them about the reality of the British music and festival industry in 2022. 

  • We believe it to be in the best interest of all involved that we postpone the event to 2023. 

  • We do not believe that we will be able to deliver a value-for-money event of this scale in 2022.



Because of these reasons, other festivals of all sizes have  also been canceling and we are not immune, The Guardian recently wrote an article on 2022’s festival casualties -


We hope you can understand our reasoning and we have invited all artists, venues, and partners to be involved in 2023. We have worked incredibly hard to create the 2022 lineup and will not allow this postponement to fracture our passion for the festival 


We are currently looking at September 1 / 2 / 3 2023 and will begin working on this as of July. 




We will be offering a full refund to all our ticket holders or you will be able to hold onto these for Washed Out Festival 2023. Ticket holders will be emailed with more information about this in the next week. 


We are nothing without our community and we are incredibly thankful for all the enthusiasm about the festival over the past few month and years. We are forever grateful to all the artists, venues, partners, staff, ticket holders, and followers who have supported us this year and we are adamant that we will deliver the event we wanted to do 2022 in 2023. 


Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions -


The Washed Out Fest Team

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