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VENUE FOCUS: East Street Tap

We’ve proud to host a stage annually at East Street Tap; a local venue steeped in subculture. Although small in size, it packs a punch when it comes to historic value and brilliant event and food offerings. This year, we’ve partnered with local promotion companies Hotwax and Ceremonial Laptop to bring you even more of the best underground acts. Ceremonial Laptop will be taking over the East Street Tap stage, with the full programming to be announced shortly.

In the lead up to the festival we’ve been profiling all things that important to Brighton’s music scene. In this blog, we give you four great reasons to love East Street Tap:


It wouldn’t be us if we didn’t bang on about live music. EST are fairly new to the scene having recently turned the upstairs into a venue. They've managed to cut through the noise, however, and already have some great regular programming thanks to local promoters such as Hotwax and Acid Box. Check out their upcoming gigs and get involved.


Beelzebab has been a pillar of the Washed Out team's diet since their permanent opening at the Hope & Ruin. You can imagine our joy on hearing of their expansion into burgers. Their sister company Beelzeburger is just as indulgent as we hoped, offering plant-based burgers, sides and sweets, including the legendary Mac'n'Cheese burger. Our Festival Director, Pat, had a lot of praise for the crumpet burger too...


East Street is an iconic location in itself, appearing in both Quadrophenia and Brighton Rock. Where better to get a true Brighton experience? Enjoy one of their many craft beers and soak it all in, before nipping across the road and down 'Quadrophenia Alley', where Jimmy and Steph's intimate scene was filmed.


The venue is committed to hosting brilliant club nights too. Expect to hear your favourite indie, dance and new wave at 'Dance Yrself Clean' or head to their weekly 'Work Hard Party Hard' - held on Mondays so that those who work in hospitality can party too. Check out their playlists for a taste of the fun.


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