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VENUE FOCUS: Goodbye Sticky's!

Never has there been such an emotional New Years Eve in Brighton. With Sticky Mike's Frog Bar holding their final night on the occasion, we graced the bar one last time for a Dude Ranch to remember.

Like many, we spent the night dancing, drinking and reminiscing. Sticky's alternative club nights and live music events have been instrumental to the Brighton music scene. It has served as a place for likeminded people to meet and party.

Sticky's has also always been a venue for Washed Out Festival and will be sorely missed at 2019's event. Live music venues have great economic, cultural and social value and we cannot continue to lose them. Check out the Music Venue Trust to find out how you can support them and ensure live music remains accessible to all.


To celebrate (and mourn) the end, we've asked people in and around the scene to share their memories of the venue with us. Grab the tissues...

"We played our second ever show Sticky’s. I’ve been going to that place since it opened as Sticky’s (it was The Jam before) and it’s sad to think it’ll be somewhere else soon. I can’t thank everyone there enough, for all the love and great times. First time I saw Pup was when they played at Sticky’s with Modern Baseball. One of my favourite shows of all time. Lost but not forgotten x"

Tom Bennett, Gender Roles

"I remember playing at Sticky Mikes for washed out 2 years ago with my old band and sticking around after our set to watch the place fill up for Gender Roles. It felt like a really special moment and it was cool to experience it!! Well sad to see another venue close especially one as special as Sticky Mikes."

Dom Wright, Death By Shotgun

"We played Sticky's twice, once in 2016 and once in 2018. Always great sound, always great vibes. Very sad to see it go."

Harry, Modern Rituals

"The first time we played Brighton was at Sticky Mike's and that's where I found and consequently blew up my favourite amp - a Fender Bassman. We rushed in on the train from London, borrowed Harker's gear, mid set Mark's Bassman I was using blew and started smoking, then we finished early and had to dash back to get the last train home. What a whirlwind, sorry Mark / Harker and RIP Sticky Mikes!"

Nicola, Doe

"I used to put shows on at Sticky's as well as attending that will forever stick in my mind is Mister Lizard's time there playing with Howls, Mister Lizard played for about 7 minutes and manage to fit in more chaos and entertainment than a riot at the penny pushers on the pier. There was birthday cake, nudity and I believe the floor ended up acting as a slip and slide by the end of it. It was a more innocent time."

Darran, Charlotte Light and Dark

"After last year's Washed Out I ended up partying there with people who shall remain nameless. Such a messy night dancing to all of our favourite guilty pleasures then retiring to a mates house where we ended up building a mini ramp on a passed out friends head."

Danny Lester, Mean Caesar

Let us know your memories of Sticky Mike's in the comment section below. To buy tickets to next year's Washed Out Festival, click here.


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